Car Paint Repair Crewe

Car Paint Repair Crewe

Minor auto damage like dents, scuffs and scratches to panels, bumpers, wheel arches and alloy wheels are inevitable in today’s driving conditions. Careful Crewe car owners spend hundreds of pounds in maintaining their car bodywork in spotless condition so protecting their values. A visit to the body shop can be expensive in both cost and time and moreover can be awkward when balancing the needs of work and family.

Bumper Rescue mobile car paint repair technicians utilise systems that limit the repair to the damaged area only and not always the complete panel. Using specifically formulated paints and leading paint recognition software factory paint finishes can be revived giving a near perfect job. The ‘restored to new’ area is virtually undetectable from the original factory paint finish and is finished in hours rather than days thus providing significant cost and time savings to you the valued Bumper Rescue customer.




All work is carried out at the customers designated site resulting in significant savings in comparison to standard body shop techniques. Anywhere in Crewe is covered.

Damaged or broken plastics, metal or plastic bumpers, spoilers and motorcycle fairings, are very costly to replace. With Bumper Rescue’s experienced technicians however the costs of the dent, car paint repair and SMART repair is much less. Our target is to provide a friendly, high quality but cost-effective mobile repairs service to our customers taking away the fuss normally associated with car body repairs.


Stone Chips in Crewe

Stone chips in Crewe  – especially ugly on dark colored paintwork and typically to be found at the front of the car. With Bumper Rescue, our technicians ensure that paint is mixed perfectly to match the car and applied professionally.


Car scratches in Crewe

Only the scratched area itself is repaired and not the whole panel. Using our skilled techniques the scratch is sanded and / or filled / primer applied to re-instate the damaged surface to its true level, The area is then re-coloured, lacquered and skilfully blended into the panel area to supply a near perfect match to the factory finish each time.


Car Dents in Crewe

For those little shopping trolley type dents where the paint has not been damaged we may be able to rectify these using specialist PDR (paintless-dent-removal) techniques. By accessing the back of the dented panel and using specialist tools to apply pressure the dent can be massaged back to its original form. Panel replacement or re-painting is now not a necessity.


Alloy Wheel Repairs Crewe

Kerbed and scuffed alloys if left un-repaired may result in the spread of oxidization leading to more expensive repairs later. Without removing the wheel from the tyre or the wheel from car we will be able to rectify damage on site restoring the wheel to its former glory.