Frodsham Car Scratch Repair

Car bumper and bodywork scratch and scrape damage can happen to anyone. Even the most careful car owners can suffer an unsightly car scratch as a result of a relatively small scuff. According to research by the RAC, around two-thirds of minor damage to cars occurs in car parks, including scratches caused by the scourge of motorists: the supermarket trolley!

If you’ve returned to your car and found it has been bumped while stationary, you’re not alone. Around 50% of people who have accidentally damaged a parked car say they haven’t left a note!

Sadly, a careless driver might have clipped your parked car and driven off without leaving any contact details. However, you might have damaged your car yourself through something simple, like driving into your own garage or driveway.


Mobile paint repair in Frodsham

Whatever the cause, the cost of car scratch repair can be high and it can also be inconvenient having to leave your vehicle in a bodyshop for a few days. This is where Bumper Rescue can help. Our mobile scratch repair team in Frodsham will come to your home or workplace to repair the damage, in an average time of between one and two hours.

Even better, we can save you up to 75% on the cost of regular bodyshop repairs when you use our professional mobile car body repair services. Nothing can beat the convenience of having your car body repair done outside your own home or place of work.

We have more than 20 years’ bodyshop experience that we can bring to your door, so your vehicle isn’t off the road for days on end like with a traditional bodyshop.


Frodsham cheap car body repair

Our car paint repair services in Frodsham will also help you to avoid expensive fines and penalties incurred by returning your lease car with scratches and scuffs, as we will repair them before it goes back. We use the latest colour match technology to ensure a perfect match for an invisible repair.

All our work is fully guaranteed, with our mobile paint repair team ensuring a flawless finish. Our aim is to make sure the resale value of your vehicle isn’t impacted by a scuff or scrape.

Our use of Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) means we can carry out a localised repair on your bumper and surrounding panels, using only a small amount of materials. We will seamlessly blend the new paint into the surrounding original paintwork, producing an invisible repair.

When you get in touch with Bumper Rescue, our friendly team is ready to answer all your questions about car paint repair in Frodsham. Call us on 01270 440155 or 07507 667007 today to find out more about our professional car body repair services.