Widnes Car Scratch Repair

Did you know the bumper is the area of your car most at risk to sustaining minor damage through a scratch or scrape? It’s something that can happen to anyone, whether a shopper scrapes your car with a trolley on the supermarket car park, or you clip a concrete post when reversing into a parking space.

It can happen in seconds, but can cause untold hassle, in terms of being without your car while it’s in a bodyshop and paying for a costly repair. Luckily, our experts at Bumper Rescue can help reduce the trauma a damaged car can cause. We’re here to help with our mobile scratch repair service.


Car paint repair in Widnes

A professional mobile car body repair in Widnes is the simplest and quickest way of getting any damage sorted out. Our mobile paint repair experts will come to your home or workplace to provide a convenient and cost-effective service, with the work normally completed in one to two hours and costing 75% less than a bodyshop.

With more than 20 years’ actual bodyshop experience, the cheap price doesn’t mean a shoddy job – exactly the opposite!

Using our mobile car body repair services in Widnes can also help you to avoid expensive financial penalties when returning your lease car, as we can repair those scuffs and scratches before it goes back. Our colour match technology aims to ensure you won’t even spot that it has been repaired and all our work is fully guaranteed.


Fast car body repair Widnes

From scratches and tiny cracks in your vehicle’s paintwork to other car bodywork damage, Bumper Rescue will provide fast, high quality car body repair in Widnes. Our skilled car scratch repair team can make it look like the damage never happened!

This method is known as Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) in the industry. It enables our car paint repair technicians to carry out a localised bodywork repair to only the damaged area of your bumper or the adjoining panel.

By painting only this exact area, our experts can mix just a small amount of paint to take care of the localised repair effectively. We will fade out and blend the repaired area into the adjoining original paintwork, eliminating the need for a full panel to be repainted.

This is how we’re able to keep our repair times and costs down, enabling a quicker and cheaper job for our customers. This process provides you with an invisible repair and flawless finish.


Contact the mobile paint repair experts

If you need mobile car body repair in Widnes, get in touch with us today. Our team is available to answer any questions about car paint repairs.

To find out more about our professional car body repair services, give us a call today on 01270 440155 or 07507 667007 for a no obligation chat.