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Getting Congleton Car Paintwork Perfect

If you are a vehicle owner in Congleton in need of mobile car paintwork repairs one of the best reasons to get it sorted promptly is that ignoring it can cost money!

Rust can develop on car bodywork all too quickly, but even the slightest damage can put off future buyers. Research in to what motivates car buyers has shown that usually the first thing they look for is well maintained bodywork.

Also, if you have a lease car, returning it in a less than perfect condition can mean you have to pay high penalty charges for them to carry out the repairs.

What’s stopping you?

Some drivers facing car scrape repairs in Congleton may be reluctant to sort the damage as they are worried about paying their insurance excess and losing their no claims bonus.

Bumper Rescue can avoid both of these problems. As we bring our high-tech paint repair system to your home or work place in the Congleton area, we can carry out the repairs at a cost that will probably be less than your insurance excess. It will also usually be around 75% less than the usual cost at a traditional car bodyshop too.

Car paint repairs at a convenient place

One of the other advantages of using Bumper Rescue for smart repairs in Congleton is that all those scrapes, scuffs and scratches can all be professionally and completely covered right outside your door.

Our highly skilled technicians can complete the work quickly – usually within two hours – at your home or workplace. This means you avoid being without your vehicle, as your car paint repairs in Congelton can be organised around your work and home commitments.

What sort of damage can be sorted?

There are countless ways damage can happen but no matter how big or small the car paint problem is, Bumper Rescue can sort it.

The number of vehicles on Britain’s roads grows every year, but ironically two thirds of damage to cars occurs in car parks (according to RAC Insurance). Sometimes it’s other drivers who clip your bumper or bodywork (or supermarket trolleys).

However, even the most careful driver can misjudge distances round a gateway, garage door, wall or post. Even door damage from key marks or malicious scratches can disappear with Bumper Rescue.

We can also work with our sister company Dents Inc. (Paintless Dent Removal) to restore distorted car bodywork to prime condition in the Congleton area.

Will it be covered completely?

If you need car scratch repair in Congleton the aim is to make your vehicle as good as new.

Which is why so many drivers trust Bumper Rescue. As well as having 20 years’ experience in creating a blemish free finishes, we also offer up-the-minute technology and expertise. This includes software to ensure that our waterborne, environmentally friendly paint exactly matches the make, model and colour of your car.

Swift and effective car paint repairs

Call us on 01565 740290 or 07773 239 790 to book our visit to your Congleton home or workplace as quickly as possible. For all your car paintwork “marks”, we are ready to get set and go.