When you find a scuff, scratch or scrape on your car body or bumper, your first instinct may well be to wish it away. Dont worry! Bumper Rescue’s mobile car paintwork repair service is on hand to take care of all those supermarket car bumper scrapes and car paintwork related headaches in Knutsford and the surrounding areas.

It’s hard to know which is worse. Finding damage inflicted by other drivers or a malicious prank. Or knowing that it was your momentarily lack of concentration that put you in contact with a wall, post or some other obstacle.

Then there is the curse of the supermarket trolley that has affected many Knutsford car owners. In fact, two thirds of car damage happens in car parks, according to RAC Insurance.

Mobile Car Paintwork Specialists

Whichever way the car paint damage happened, swift and decisive action is required to restore your vehicle to its former glory. After all, you don’t want to find that the value of your car has dropped when you come to sell it. (Surveys show buyers often look first at bumpers and bodywork to check for faults.)

Bumper Rescue offers you the chance to get the work done quickly, affordably and stress-free, without having to put it out of action for any length of time.

That’s because we offer the latest colour matching technology, waterborne environmentally friendly paints, and precision repair work for customers in Knutsford at our professional smart repair premises in Cheshire.

Our highly-trained technicians – who have around 20 years’ experience to back them up – can complete smart repairs  in as little as a few hours. All done at a time that best suits you.

Car paintwork repair to your home or work for low costs

This highly versatile and professional service even costs a great deal less that you would probably imagine.

Bumper Rescue’s charges for mobile car paintwork repairs in Knutsford usually works out to be less than the cost of your insurance policy excesses. So, Knutsford drivers who need mobile car scratch repairs and other paintwork restoration don’t have to go through their insurance company and can keep hold of their no claims bonus.

Complete package paint repairs

From tiny cracks in car paintwork to substantial car bodywork damage in Knutsford, Bumper Rescue can provide fast, high quality repairs. Professional and fast repairs like it never happened. To make your car paintwork repair damage disappear quickly, just call us on 01270 440155 or 07507 667007.

Minor damage to vehicles needn’t stop you in your tracks or disrupt your day. Bumper Rescue car scratch repair mobile service in Stone specialises in cosmetic car body repairs to your home or work, providing an unrivalled car scratch repair and mobile paint repair service to drivers in the Stone area. Our number one priority is delivering efficiency and convenience, and the quality of our workmanship is reflected in a long list of testimonials from happy customers.

Quick and easy

The vast majority of our car scratch repairs and similar jobs are completed in a time frame of one to two hours, meaning you can get on with your daily activities while our experienced smart repair team gets to work restoring your vehicle to its original state.

We’ve got it covered

Whether it’s a car bumper scuff, paint repair needed for bodywork or wheels, or any other mobile damage, our mobile bodyshop comes to you at a specified time which is convenient. We possess perfect colour match technology which guarantees your car will be looking like it did before damage occurred, while you can take comfort from our vast experience in the car body repair industry. The job isn’t done unless you are completely satisfied!

A budget friendly solution

At Bumper Rescue we realise you don’t want to be forking out a princely sum for minor car damage, especially with all the other costs associated with running a vehicle! That’s why we have ensured our entire price range is super competitive and typically a fraction of the cost associated with traditional body repair. Compare our prices with other services across the country, and don’t be surprised to see Bumper Rescue come out on top.

Speedy quotes

Our entire customer journey is centred around making things easy for our customers, and that includes the car paint repair quotes we provide. We give you a quick and accurate quote before we start a job, meaning there will be no surprises. Once a price has been agreed we switch our attention to ensuring we deliver the best service. You can contact us at any time for a free no obligation paint repair quote, just call our friendly team of professionals on 01270 440155 or 07507 667007 today or fill in our quotation form.

Choose the best

Bumper Rescue is a specialist in quick and easy car scrape repairs anywhere in the Stone area. If you are looking for a hassle free mobile paint repair provider which won’t charge you the earth, rely on Bumper Rescue to fix up your vehicle in no time at all!