Mini Cooper Large Bumper Repair


This particular job came into us through the Bumper Rescue Car Paint Repair website.

As a mobile car scratch and bumper paint repair company its important to stay within the realms of realism when it comes to which jobs we attempt and which jobs we suggest may be more suited to a traditional car bodyshop.  One of the main reasons for this is the conditions we work in.  The bigger damage requiring more hours and more surface area repair (whilst tempting to perform outside) may be more geared towards the controlled environment of a spray booth. My first impressions when I went out to quote on this plastic bumper paint repair quote job was that it was on the very limits of our capabilities and may need to be replaced.

However, I needn’t have worried. The team produced an absolutely outstanding piece of work. Out technicians brings with them to every job at Bumper Rescue a wealth of knowledge gained from over 25 years within an actual bodyshop environment. There are many different companies to choose from when selecting which mobile smart repairer will best serve your needs. Choose a company on its reputation, longevity and a professional, repeated consistancy for producing quality workmanship.

If you have any car bumper damage or car scratch repairs that you would like us to quote you on in order to return your car back to pristine showroom condition please get in touch on the below phone numbers and email address:

01270 440155 / 07507 667007

Better still and for a faster turnaround in obtaining your car paintwork quotation, why not send us a short video, highlighting the damage to your car. This can also be sent to the same above details.

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