Mini Cooper Large Bumper Repair


This particular job came into us through the Bumper Rescue Car Paint Repair website.

As a mobile car scratch and bumper paint repair company its important to stay within the realms of realism when it comes to which jobs we attempt and which jobs we suggest may be more suited to a traditional car bodyshop.  One of the main reasons for this is the conditions we work in.  The bigger damage requiring more hours and more surface area repair (whilst tempting to perform outside) may be more geared towards the controlled environment of a spray booth. My first impressions when I went out to quote on this plastic bumper paint repair quote job was that it was on the very limits of our capabilities and may need to be replaced.

However, I needn’t have worried. The team produced an absolutely outstanding piece of work. Out technicians brings with them to every job at Bumper Rescue a wealth of knowledge gained from over 25 years within an actual bodyshop environment. There are many different companies to choose from when selecting which mobile smart repairer will best serve your needs. Choose a company on its reputation, longevity and a professional, repeated consistancy for producing quality workmanship.

If you have any car bumper damage or car scratch repairs that you would like us to quote you on in order to return your car back to pristine showroom condition please get in touch on the below phone numbers and email address:

01270 440155 / 07507 667007

Better still and for a faster turnaround in obtaining your car paintwork quotation, why not send us a short video, highlighting the damage to your car. This can also be sent to the same above details.

Bumper Rescue – The regions leading smart repairer

Professional car bumper paintwork repairs are only a call away. Bumper scuff and scratch damage can happen to anyone. That sickening moment you spot damage to your car paintwork or find scrapes, scratches and scuffs on your bumper.

Even the most careful car owners in Holmes Chapel can find themselves looking at unsightly car scratch and bumper scuff marks that won’t come off no matter how much you polish.

Britain’s roads are getting busier, but in fact according to the RAC’s insurance arm, two thirds of damage to cars actually happens in car parks. Sometimes careless drivers clip your parked car, but there’s also the scourge of the supermarket trolley.

However, you won’t be the first person to admit that the damage to your car bodywork or bumper came from that split moment of distraction. It’s not uncommon for damage to be a result of manoeuvring into your garage or driveway, or negotiating around a pillar or post.

You can even inadvertently scratch your car with your own keys and sadly malicious damage to paintwork is also a factor.

The cost of car paint damage

The cost of car paint repairs in Holmes Chapel can sometimes be expensive if you use traditional car bodyshops. However, it will be between 50-75% cheaper if you use the expertise of Bumper Rescue’s mobile technicians to have your car paintwork repairs done outside your own home or workplace.

The savings you make with us could well mean that your car scratch repair in Holmes Chapel works out cheaper than claiming on your insurance and paying the excess. So, you keep hold of your no claims bonus too.

Other benefits to our car bumper paintwork repairs

Another big advantage of booking Bumper Rescue’s Holmes Chapel smart repair service, is that you don’t have the inconvenience of being without your vehicle. In fact, our expert mobile technicians can arrange your car repairs around your lifestyle and work pattern. Better still, in most cases they can usually complete the work in under two hours.

The cost of not repairing car paintwork

It’s tempting to ignore car scratches, scuffs and scrapes or treat them yourself. Apart from the chance of rust getting a grip of your car bodywork, surveys have shown that potential buyers are put off if they spot damaged or badly repaired paintwork.

Also, if the car is on a lease, you will face expensive penalty charges if it’s not returned in perfect condition. Repair it now, to avoid high costs later.

Convenient and high quality

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Calling us to from Holmes Chapel for all your mobile car bumper paintwork repairs means you benefit from 25 years’ expertise and the very latest technology.

This includes using the latest colour matching software to find the exact shade and finish for your make and model of car. Waterborne, environmentally-friendly paints are used to create our hallmark unblemished finish. Your car will truly look as good as new.

Dents and bashes too

If your car scrape repair in Holmes Chapel also involves dented or distorted bodywork it can still be sorted quickly and cost effectively, right outside your door. We would work alongside our Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) sister company to make the whole process stress-free.

If you find yourself staring at unsightly car scratch damage to your vehicle in Holmes Chapel, or you want to prepare a lease car for its return and avoid charges, give us a ring today on 01270 440155 or 07507 667007. The price will be easy on the eye, and the damage will disappear.

Modern driving can be a bit of a nightmare – especially for those Sandbach car owners who cherish their vehicle and love that it always looks good. Car body scratch repairs Sandbach can now be carried out in a way that is more convenient to you via our specialist mobile repair station performing on-site, professional car paint repairs at your home or work.

Ironically though, according to the insurance arm of the RAC, around two-thirds of British drivers actually receive damage to their vehicles in car parks. So, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen thanks to other motorists (and of course supermarket trolleys).

Then, of course, there is that split second you forget to check how close you are to the post, wall or kerb. If you damage your car bumper or bodywork on your garage walls or door, it would not be the first car body scratch in Sandbach that resulted from a driver’s moment of distraction.

This is not only upsetting, but those car scrapes, scratches and scuffs also wipe some of the value off your vehicle. Data has been gathered to show that first impressions count when buying a car; visible paintwork damage could make buyers wary.

Thankfully, Bumper Rescue do exactly what our name indicates. But we also restore car body scratches in Sandbach, and most other kinds of cosmetic panel damage.

These car body scratch repairs in Sandbach don’t involve any stress or headaches and we always strive to make your car body scratch repair experience as painless as possible. The work is carried out at your home or place of work on a mobile basis via our fully equipped paint repair vehicle for a lot less than your insurance excess premium.

This means it cuts out all the stress an insurance claim can bring whilst also protecting your no claims bonus.

We offer over 20 years of experience in car body repair and also use the very latest in SMART repair technology. This system matches our environmentally friendly, waterborne paint to the exact make, model and colour of your car.

Your mobile car paint repair in Sandbach will leave you with a perfect, blemish free finish – just as if it never happened. Better still, if you also have dents or distortions on your bumper or bodywork, we can work alongside our Paintless Dent Removal sister company – to smooth everything out.

So, when our mobile technicians in Sandbach have completed your car paint repairs, it’s not just your vehicle that looks better, they leave you feeling better too.

Get that convenient and expert mobile car paint repair service by ringing 01270 440155 or 07507 667007.

If you have a busy life and you need to watch the pennies, the last thing you need is to face the prospect of finding an affordable car bodyshop to do Stafford car scratch repairs.

A delay in getting that car scratch, scuff or scrape sorted could mean rust appears, making the situation worse. And research has shown that when you try to sell your car, buyers will be less willing to pay the asking price if they can see visible damage to the bumper or bodywork.

With the team at Bumper Rescue ready to help, there is no need to wait. Not least as our mobile technicians can complete car scratch repairs in Stafford right outside your home or workplace.

This means none of the hassle of having to be without your vehicle. The appointment can fit around your daily activities and work pattern for the least possible disruption. All for a fraction of the price that traditional car bodyshops charge – as much as 75% less in fact.

It could even work out cheaper to have your Stafford car scratch repairs done without making an insurance claim, as we often charge less than insurance excess amounts. This protects your no claim bonus too.

Not only is this service affordable and convenient, car scratch repair in Stafford is to a very high standard thanks to Bumper Rescue.

Our team has over 20 years-worth of experience, but we also use the most modern technology available. Colour recognition software ensures that the waterborne paints we use (which are also environmentally-friendly) are an exact match.

This means car owners in Stafford can be sure of a blemish free finish that’s “good as new”. And if the damage involves a dent, even that can be sorted on your driveway with a complete package of car repair services offered by Bumper Rescue and our expert Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) sister company.

What sort of car bumper paint repairs in Stafford can the team handle? You name it, we can cover it.

Because let’s face it, even the best drivers in the Stafford area can find themselves looking at a car scratch, scuff or scrape on their car bumper or bodywork. This could be impact with another car, or even clipping a post, garage door or high kerb.

It’s all too easy to misjudge distances or find another driver has clipped your door or bumper. In fact, according to the insurance arm of the RAC, two thirds of the damage done to cars happens in car parks. So, if you lost an argument with a supermarket trolley or another vehicle, you are far from alone.

For convenient, fast and faultless Stafford car scratch repairs and bumper scuff removal, our team at Bumper Rescue bring help right to your door. So call us today on 01270 440155 or 07507 667007 or contact us via our quotation form.