Why should minor car damage mean your working day grounds to a halt? With Bumper Rescue, you have an expert mobile paint repair service which will provide drivers in the Northwich area with an unsurpassed service. Quality, efficiency and convenience are the Bumper Rescue bywords, and the high-quality workmanship we guarantee is proven in our long list of positive testimonials from customers. Your Northwich car scratch removal dilemma is at an end!

Rapid repairs

At Bumper Rescue, our repair team set themselves a target of completing all jobs within a one to two hour time frame. You can crack on with your day, whether you are relaxing at home or busy at work, while our mobile scratch and paint repair experts get the job done.

All types of minor damage

We cover all kinds of minor damage, from car bumper repair to wheel or bodywork paint jobs. Our Bumper Rescue mobile bodyshop is dispatched to your location in order to address any Northwich car scratch removal problems for a time slot which is convenient to you. With our perfect colour match technology, you can look forward to a car which is in exactly the state it was in before the damage! With over 20 years industry experience to offer, you couldn’t leave your vehicle in safer hands.

Prices which don’t break the bank

Minor car paint repairs shouldn’t cost the earth; so at Bumper Rescue we price our mobile repairs as competitively as possible – typically costing just a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional car body repair. After all, doesn’t running a car cost enough as it is? We invite you to take a look at similar car scratch removal services in the Northwich area – you can expect Bumper Rescue to come out on top!

Quick quotes

We intend every aspect of the Bumper Rescue service to be as easy as possible for customers, from the first phone call, to the quotes we provide, and the service itself. Accurate mobile car scratch repair quotes are provided prior to every job we undertake – so you won’t encounter any unexpected extras further along the way. Want a price right away? Just call 01270 440155 or 07507 667007 and our team will be able to provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Believe in Bumper Rescue!

Northwich car scratch removal need not set you back in terms of time or finance. Get in touch with us today for a quick and easy mobile car body repair service for drivers in the Northwich area.

One moment of distraction or contact with a careless driver, and your car could be carrying the scars on its bumper or bodywork. Wilmslow car paint repairs can now be done without your vehicle being off the road for lengthy periods and at a convenience to you. Most Wilmslow car paint repairs are carried out by seasoned professionals with over 25 years experience within just a few hours.

Car paint damage is really is extremely common, throughout the Wilmslow area. Two thirds of damage to cars actually happens in car parks (according to RAC Insurance). Everything from your own keys, to supermarket trolleys and your own garage doors can leave their mark.

As we rely on our cars so much – and indeed many people take great pride in how they look – these car scratches, scrapes and scuffs can be really upsetting.

Usually the first thoughts to run through people’s heads is the cost of car paintwork repairs. Will your insurance cover it, what excess charges have you agreed to and will you lose your no claims bonus?

You may also start to worry about the re-sale value of your car. There’s evidence that buyers do look at bodywork first, and they are keener to negotiate on price when they spot damage.

If it’s a lease car you may start weighing up the cost of the repairs against the charges you will face from penalty clauses. Less than perfect bodywork can lead to substantial costs.

Easing cost worries

Bumper Rescue has a very attractive answer to all those concerns about the costs for Wilmslow car paint repairs. Our costs are so low that it’s usually possible to avoid an insurance claim by coming in lower than excess charges.

Our car paint repair charges are around 50%-75% less that the ones you will pay in traditional main dealer bodyshop centres in the Wilmslow area.

How we keep our costs so low

The reason our Wilmslow car paint repairs are so high in quality is because we invest in the best skilled technicians, operate from state of the art mobile vehicles and only use the finest materials and equipment!

Which for the majority of people is actually another fantastic reason to use Bumper Rescue.  We can complete a lot of car paint repairs in as little as a few hours, and at a time that fits in with your schedule.

Versatile but high calibre

Our responsive and affordable mobile car paint repairs and restoration work in Wilmslow will also be a “cut above” what you may expect.

As well as being able to call on around 25 years’ experience in creating blemish free finishes on cars, we have the latest technology on hand. Colour match software gives us pin point accurate data on the shade and finish your vehicle needs. Our waterborne, environmentally friendly paints are applied with precision.

If the damage to your car in Wilmslow means your bumper or bodywork is misaligned in any way, that can also be part of our complete customer care package. We would work with our Paintless Dent Removal sister company who would smooth out any distortions to the same high standards as us.

Fast, effective and right outside your door

If you want to keep a keen eye on costs and quality workmanship for your Wilmslow car paint repairs, look no further than your own driveway. By calling 01270 440155 or 07507 667007, you can have the Bumper Rescue team on the job quickly, making your car bumper and paintwork damage disappear.